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Law Logo Design–How to Build a Creative and a Unique One

Many people love joking about lawyers and everything they are involved in. Just search for lawyer jokes and the results you will get are shocking.

The other area people like making jokes about is a law logo. Like other businesses, your law firm should have a logo. Your logo needs to be very unique and should show a high level of creativity. A logo plays a major role in your business, and this is why you should have a good logo for your firm. To help you get started, here are some tips that will point you in the right direction:

Choosing a focal point

Exceptional logos are designed from a single reference point. You can choose one letter from the names of the owners of the firm. You can combine different names with same starting letter to make a great logo. You can as well choose a letter which is not that common. A good example is Zane Law in which the capital Z makes the firm stand out.

Recreating an old logo

There is nothing wrong about a more advanced logo. However, the logo can be very simple provided it is effective to use. You can pick an old logo and improve it. But make sure your logo is relevant. You don’t have to add words like “law firm” or “a lawyer” in the logo.

The hidden power of your firm name

The name of your firm can be used to design a wonderful logo. Many law firms have done it before and it attracts a lot of customers. This is a very effective way of making your brand known. A brand helps identify a business from the rest and it is also a good way to create a reputation. The problem is usually how to design it. You can try adding icons to the name or you can just use the letters alone. The idea is to come up with a law logo that creates confidence and trust for your business.

Use the logo to communicate to your clients

The logo can be used to communicate to clients more about your firm. A picture of a couple can be used to tell people the firm is about divorce lawyers. For personal injury lawyers, you can use a crutch to communicate to your clients the services that you offer. The logo is mostly very effective in telling people your area of expertise without having to explain.

A law logo should communicate to your potential clients. It should communicate outright what you do. To avoid making people think you are not serious in the business, you need to create a professional logo. You can use the tips above to come up with a unique and business effective law logo.